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Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

Rather than using Microsoft calling plans, Direct Routing allows you to connect Comms-Byte’s SIP trunks to Microsoft Teams. Direct Routing enables full phone system capabilities for Microsoft Teams and Office 365, minimising costs, improving efficiency and greatly reducing the complexity of integrating voice infrastructure with this world leading cloud platform.
Direct Routing from Comms-Byte is a fully managed, end-to-end service from a leading international voice provider. Comms-Byte global reach connects your business to the world with full PSTN replacement in 40+ countries and number coverage in 100+ countries.

Fully managed service - from hardware to the remote desktop server

Works with all types of devices and from anywhere

Very secure

Pricing is based on the number of concurrent calls needed; there is no per user cost which is common with most cloud phone systems. With Direct Routing, you only pay for the maximum number of concurrent calls that you need; helping businesses make big savings on their monthly telecommunications bills.
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Main Features

Choose your own telephony provider

Connect Comms-Byte’s SIP Trunks to Microsoft Teams via Microsoft-certified Session Border Controllers (SBCs).

Cost effective

Reduce spend with our simple calling plans. Only pay for the maximum number of concurrent calls you need with per channel pricing.

Stress free migration

Smooth migration to Microsoft Teams with very little impact on users.

Easy admin

Reduce the complexity of integrating existing voice systems with Microsoft Teams.

Fully managed

Fully managed service, end-to-end with a true 99.999% uptime SLA.

Global SIP network

We connect your business to the world with our global IP network. Full PSTN replacement in 40+ countries and number coverage in 100+ countries.


Manage one unified and consolidated audio, video, and web conferencing solution rather than several products from multiple providers.

Global Coverage - Microsoft Certified

Our global coverage allows organisations to maximise their Microsoft licensing investment and enable voice capabilities for Microsoft Teams. We provide full PSTN replacement including CLI, local ring back, and management of call routing to emergency services in 40+ countries and number coverage in 100+ countries.

Operating Ribbon Communication’s Microsoft-Teams certified Session Border Controllers (SBCs) to deliver our Direct Routing service. Ribbon is a global software leader in intelligent and secure cloud communications and among the first vendors whose SBCs are certified to work with Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams. A Direct Routing solution that includes a Ribbon SBC is fully supported by Microsoft.

Our SIP trunks are delivered directly from our own network. Because we peer directly with Microsoft, this brings Comms-Byte on-net with Microsoft.

Fully Certified by Microsoft

Fully Certified by Microsoft for Direct Routing using Ribbon SBCs.

Number porting and provisioning

Enjoy seamless porting of your existing phone numbers to Fuse 2. Easily provision new numbers for your business with numbers available in 100+ countries.

Contact Centres

We have partnered with Mida to offer a complete call centre solution for Microsoft Teams.

Call Recording

In house developed compliant call recording for Microsoft Teams

Teams Call Recording

Comms-Byte has developed a compliant call recording solution for Microsoft Teams Phone System. Our call recording solution helps your organization comply with regulations.

Selective Recording

Record all calls or configure the system to only record certain users or departments.

Powerful Search

Easily search for, retrieve and playback calls, saving you valuable time and effort.

Long Term Storage

Long Term Storage options from 3–7 years, or longer if needed.

Teams Call Centre

Mida LiteCallCenter (LCC) is a, cost-effective, and yet complete solution providing all advanced functionalities required by call centres. Amongst all standard functionalities, like call queueing, basic call routing and others, Mida LCC provides:

Skill-based routing, to rapidly address call to the most competent people.

Configurable working hours, to easily set open and OOS time for each queue.

Multi-queue management, allowing admin and supervisors to manage multiple queues at a time.

Call recording, providing advanced regulation compliancy, AES file encryption (up to 256 bit), file compression (to save storage and optimize costs), included playback station and call scenario reconstruction in case of post-incident analysis.

Mida LCC also includes an advanced operator console, providing all features in a simple and effective interface.

Why Choose Comms-Byte?

We connect your business to the world with our global IP network – we provide full PSTN replacement in 40+ countries and number coverage in 100+ countries.

Full phone system capabilities for Microsoft Teams on a national and global scale.

Fully managed end-to-end service with a true 99.99% SLA.

Our team has decades of experience delivering expert telecoms solutions for businesses domestically and globally. We have the knowledge and expertise to recommend and deliver the right solution – and we only work with businesses, so we understand exactly what level of service you need and expect.

On top of this, we proactively monitor every aspect of our network and all customer’s equipment is monitored 24/7. This means that we’re likely to know about your problems before you do anyway, and we can make changes to your system remotely, avoiding any disruption to your business.

Bespoke Deployment

We also supply a full range of Microsoft Teams-supported headsets/handsets from Yealink – the world’s number one SIP phone manufacturer.


PowerShell Configuration and professional services

Ribbon SBC SWe lite virtualised SBC

Cloud Managed Server

Remote Support / Server Monitoring / Maintenance

Unlimited extensions

Contract term – 24 months

All prices subject to VAT

Licensing Requirements

Office 365 E5

No additional requirements

Office 365 E1 / E3

Phone System add-on

Office 365 F1

Phone System add-on

Microsoft 365 A1 / A3

Phone System add-on

Office 365 Business Essentials / Premium

Phone System add-on
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