5 Common Tech Questions

In an IT Support environment, we often get asked a range of different but similar questions daily.

Comms-Byte have listed some of their most common questions and answers by our professional techies.

What is a Virus?

A virus is a type of malware which replicates and spreads to other computers by attaching itself onto programs, files or documents. It then implements a code when you open the infected file and begins to infect your computer. They can steal information, harm a network and host computers, cause financial damage and carry out much more profound and damaging effects.

Why do I need to keep resetting my router?

There can be many reasons for resetting your router. Sometimes the router can’t handle a large amount of traffic or it can overheat. It can also mean that you need to update your router’s firmware or that you simply need to buy a new router, as the one you have may not be sufficient for your work. The problem may not even lie with your router, it may be your internet service provider. Whatever the case is, if you’re unsure about detecting the source of your issue, then let us have a look.

Is this email safe?

There are many methods you can use to identify a suspicious and scam email from a normal email. You can check the address that it has been sent from and if it looks strange and odd, forward it to your helpdesk for further investigation. Loud text, pictures and grammar mistakes are also a key indicator of a scam email. Free giveaways, generous donations and random attachments are all dangerous ways to access your bank account and computer to commit fraud and steal important information from you.

Why is my computer running slow?

Once again, without a thorough diagnosis, it would be hard to determine why your computer is running slowly. It maybe that overtime your computer is unable to handle multiple programs at once or has not been restarted enough. Neglecting to maintain your computer’s health and not giving it the updates it needs will all help to slow down your computer. You may also need to clean out your computer as it may have too many unneeded files and programs. Don’t leave this for long as a slow computer is a loss of time and productivity.

Is Office 365 beneficial to me?

According to Comms-Byte, Office 365 is a beneficial product for all businesses. It has low-upfront costs and various productivity tools. Moreover, it gives you the ability to work from anywhere so long as you have an active internet connection because it is a cloud-based solution. Another benefit is that it is a subscription-based model and you have the freedom to pick and choose your plan from Office 365’s large range of plans. In short, there are many benefits to Office 365 which can help your business to be more organised and productive.

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