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Desktop as a Service (Daas)

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FastDesk™ - Desktop as a Service

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) allows organisations to run user desktops as a virtual machine (VM) from a centralised server.

It can provide a fully personalised desktop to a group of, or all, users within the organisation, providing them with increased flexibility and the IT organisation with improved security and agility.

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Why Consider FastDesk™ ?

Organisations looking to optimise some of the following aspects should consider deploying FastDesk™ to their employees
Uses your existing Office 365 subscription
No expensive call charges
Works on any device and from anywhere
Implementing and simplifying Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
Improving data protection and security
Reducing IT admin costs

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Core Benefits of FastDesk™

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

With centrally hosted desktops, the user experience is the same for all employees. The result is reduced conflict between different operating systems and software versions, irrespective of the device they are using. This forms the basis for an efficient BYOD strategy, as the app-based access to the hosted desktop environment provides the common denominator for all users. Pick up exactly where you left off. Start work on a presentation in the office and then continue your work on the train or at home.

Data Protection & Security

By design, all user files and apps are stored in the cloud. Organisations concerned about unauthorised access to data through the loss of a user device can rely on FastDesk™ as a secure way of removing any files and data from the device in between user sessions. Any devices lost or stolen will not provide access to sensitive data used via the FastDesk™ application.

Reduce It Admin Costs

Updating, maintaining and patching multiple desktops in an organisation, especially across multiple sites or for mobile/home workers, e.g. Sales staff or consultants, can result in inconsistencies and high IT admin time and cost. Devices running FastDesk™ are managed centrally, which allows IT teams to provision and update desktops faster and with less effort.

What Can I Expect From FastDesk™?
Some Highlight Features

Connect from anywhere in the world, you only need an Internet connection
Cross-device and OS functionality with app access from:
- Windows Desktops, Windows 8/ RT, Windows Phone
- Mac, iOS (iPhones and iPads)
- Chrome OS (Chromebox/Chromebooks), Android
- Linux
FASTdesk™ reduces the need to use VPNs, as all Internet traffic (from your device to UKFast) is encrypted, as well as providing encryption for:
- Secure and encrypted logons
- Secure and encrypted session creation
- Secure and encrypted communication to your desktop (coming soon)
- Secure and encrypted files in transit (coming soon)
UKFast hosted Desktops provide Microsoft Office 2016 Standard to all users
Fully personalise your desktop from shortcuts to the wallpaper.
Diverse and various packages and add-ons to allow for a bespoke solution.
Persistent desktop options available to host custom line-of-business (LOB) applications, while dedicated application virtual machines can host organization wide LOB applications.
100% of data is kept in the UK, providing guaranteed Data Sovereignty
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Example Use Cases For FastDesk™

Sales Staff Or Business Consultants

Often, working from varying locations or client premises for long periods of time means that sales staff and business consultants need the ability to confidentially work from laptops, tablet or phone.

Sensitive client data is stored on a potentially vulnerable device. Should software or hardware become corrupted, valuable information or billable hours could be lost from having to return a device to an IT team for repair, or worse, data could be lost altogether. With a virtual desktop, such repairs can take place centrally without the employee or consultant having to take time out of their schedule.

Furthermore, as no data is stored on the device, but sent automatically to the centralised desktop, no sensitive information is at risk.

BYOD Users And Remote Workers

Working from home, on the train and in coffee shops, employees who use their own devices can constantly be plugged into their work.

Difficulties arise when they find their device runs applications that are not cross-compatible with those of their colleagues, when they need to transfer data to colleagues securely, or in ensuring that their device is up-to-date and running latest version applications.

With a virtual desktop all BYOD users are running the same applications using compatible file types. All saved data is stored centrally and accessible to other users eliminating the need for insecure data transfer applications.

All applications are updated centrally by IT personnel, removing the responsibility of keeping a device current from individual employees – everyone uses the same versions of the same software.

IT Departments

IT departments are often stretched to a maximum – that is before employees expect to use their devices on the go and access their work data from anywhere using any device.

Critical software updates and patches need to be administered separately to different machines, multiplying workloads.

When data is lost, access to specific hard drives is needed and, often, if damage has been sustained, zero or only partial data recovery can be achieved.

With a centrally stored files, data loss and security is not dependant on a multitude of devices and the responsible behaviour of users. Updates and patches are applied to the central infrastructure and users access latest versions without sending their own device to the IT team.

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