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Need IT Support, But Not The Commitment?

Our PAYG IT Support System is designed for those businesses that do not want the hassle of a contract and fixed monthly fees.

While many businesses can benefit from our Managed IT Services, others may find that they don't require a regular IT team on hand and prefer a Pay As You Go system.

It is beneficial to companies that want to avoid any services that you may not need.

Award-winning IT & Comms that deliver business transformation and commercial  success.

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Here is a snippet of what we can offer you:

Telephone and Remote IT Support
Our team are always available to take your calls. If you require direct access into your machine, we can do this while speaking to you, so you can understand the process too.
Onsite IT Support
We can schedule a suitable time to visit you for any IT support or services that are unsolvable over the phone.
Ongoing Telephone and IT Consultation
After we have solved your issues, you can still call or email us anytime if you require a quote or any additional support.
Need support for a fixed monthly fee? Then take a look at our monthly IT support package prices.

PAYG IT Support Pricing

Our prices are fixed for all services under PAYG and we will try our best to provide you with the service that you need.
Remote IT Support


Hourly, charged per 15min block at £17.50 per block
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On-Site IT Support


Hourly rate

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On-Site IT Support

£300/half day

Half day rate

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On-Site IT Support


Full day rate

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