The Comms Byte Team

Why Choose Us?

Many years of experience, a no jargon approach and a commitment to help

We pride ourselves on our customer service skills and relish the ability to be able to communicate to you in plain English about our technical services. We tailor towards your needs so you can get the best from our services.

However, all this is impossible without a healthy and progressive team – the backbone to our company!

Amjad Shakeel

Amjad ShakeelDirector of Comms-Byte Ltd
He works to keep everyone in check. In other words, he’s the big boss. Tradition says you need to be terrified of your boss. Well, that doesn’t quite work here because he’s a nice guy. He has over 25 years of experience in IT so don’t mess with his IT knowledge. Best way to start a conversation with him: mention cars and the gym.

Sonya Shakeel

Sonya ShakeelMarketing and HR Executive
A chai fanatic, she works on bringing the company to the public eye. She’s the brains behind the writing, whether that’s blogging or making newsletters. Note to yourself: don’t be worried or doubt her sanity if she comes barging into the office talking about some random Twitter awards.

Michael Kirwan

Michael KirwanService Delivery Manager
An avid Manchester United fan, he works to keep the customers happy as well as working hard on various other projects. Sometimes you’ll find yourself confused in a conversation about technical jargon between Amjad and Michael, but rest assured, he speaks plain English to those who need his help.