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Why You Need Windows Updates to Safeguard Your Network

As a Windows user, did you know that Microsoft releases product updates every second Tuesday of the month. In fact, Microsoft even calls it ‘Patch Tuesday’.

Despite how it seems, ‘Patch Tuesday’ isn’t just an excuse for Microsoft to make you reboot your computer and sit around waiting while your computer displays colourful progress bars on your screen. Many of those updates are essential for keeping your computer safe from the latest threats or fixing problems that could make it unstable.

It’s critical that your computers are updated regularly within your business to avoid the potential risks from malicious software and attackers that can compromise your network.

You need to ensure you have a regular patch management solution and this can help your business as follows:

– Ensure Patch/Updates are applied and computers rebooted after hours, so that your business keeps running.
– Ensure all Security/Critical Patches/Updates are applied regularly, not just to windows but other software, such as Java and Adobe.

A good patch management solution can keep your network secure, whilst making sure your business keeps running during the day.

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