Can You Restrict Your Students from Accessing Particular Sites?

The simple answer to this is: Yes.

Yes, you can restrict your students from using particular sites on school grounds.

The use of technology in education has become extremely advanced and much of today’s schools and colleges utilise technology to teach and accommodate to their student’s needs. As great as this is for both teachers and students, it can also become a nightmare, as some sites can be a security risk to the school’s network, which can also become troubling for the Health and Safety department.

In today’s world, school’s need to know which sites are being accessed and they need to have control over specific applications that students will be using. Schools also need to filter through applications, proxy websites and internet traffic for safety control. To do this, schools require an adequate firewall.

The firewall will prevent students and teachers from accessing inappropriate content using application control, HTTPS inspection and web filtering. This will stop both teachers and students from accessing restricted sites and viewing unsuitable content on all devices around the school grounds. Web filtering will stop access to certain sites that you can setup and application control will limit and block use of applications, such as Facebook, Skype and BitTorrent. This ensures that bandwidth is always available for valid use.

As more devices are being introduced and brought into schools, modern and advanced firewalls need to be implemented to address any safety concerns and provide efficient protection to staff and students.

description: The simple answer to this is: Yes, you can restrict your students from using particular sites on school grounds. Comms-Byte can help you through this process. Read more about how this all works and get in touch to get help setting it up.

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