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Connectivity Install with fast installation

The Company: Enjoy Benefits
Location: Stockport

Thanks to their thriving business, Enjoy Benefits has expanded and brought in more clients and employees, but while operating out of their office, the necessity for a larger office space became clear.

Although Enjoy Benefits seemingly found the perfect space to accommodate their growing team and increased productivity- a significant challenge arose. The location had no pre-installed internet connection needed to sustain their business operations. With a need for a high-speed, dedicated internet connection, Enjoy Benefits reached out to Comms-Byte.

Comms-Byte discussed a variety of solutions, but Enjoy Benefits expressed that most ISPs would require several weeks, if not months, to install a connection; resulting in significant disruption to business continuity.

Presented with a range of leased line options to meet their requirements, Enjoy Benefits opted for a dedicated leased line with an impressive 500 Mbps symmetrical download and upload speed. This high-speed solution empowered them to effortlessly manage large file transfers, simultaneous

applications and much more to enhance productivity and efficiency.

In just 2 weeks, Comms-Byte connected Enjoy Benefits with a connectivity solution that exceeded their requirements without disrupting their business continuity. With installation well ahead of Enjoy Benefits’ move-in date, they were able to enjoy their new space and continue to provide high-quality services to clients.

  • Reduction in cost: With a leased line solution, Enjoy Benefits gained an excellent internet service at reduced costs.
  • 1 Gbps scalability: With 1Gbps capability, Enjoy Benefits can scale their network to accommodate their growing business.
  • Symmetrical speeds: Symmetrical speeds for both upload and download offer efficient data transfer and smoother collaboration for Enjoy Benefits.
  • Managed router: Comms-Byte offered a managed router to provide better visibility of network performance.
  • Multiple static IP addresses: A leased line service provides multiple static IP addresses improved Enjoy Benefit’s access to internal servers.
  • Comprehensive SLA with 24/7/365- and 6-hour fix time: A 6-hour fix and round the clock, year-round support for their leased line ensures prompt error resolution to maximise business continuity.

Current Situation

Enjoy Benefits, had been operating out of their office space for the past few years. However, as their business expanded and they added new employees and clients, they realized they needed a larger office space to accommodate their growing team and increased productivity.

Enjoy Benefits found a new office building located in the outskirts of the city that met all their requirements. However, one of the challenges they faced was that the new building didn't have a pre-installed internet connection.
They required a high-speed, dedicated internet connection to meet their business needs.

Enjoy Benefits reached out to Comms-Byte to discuss their options for different internet providers.
The big problem was that most ISPs would require several weeks, if not months, to install a leased line at their new location.

The Solution

Comms-Byte provided Enjoy Benefits with a range of leased line options and they selected a dedicated leased line with a speed of 500 Mbps Download and Upload speed, which would allow them to easily transfer large files and run multiple applications simultaneously. Comms-Byte also ensured that the leased line was installed and tested before Enjoy Benefits’ move-in date.

Comms-Byte managed to get the high-speed internet line installed within 2 weeks.

The end result was a smooth and successful move to the new office building with a reliable, high-speed internet connection that met all of the business needs. Thanks to the fast and efficient installation of the leased line, Enjoy Benefits was able to maintain its operations with minimal disruption and continue to provide high-quality services to its clients.


  • Significant Reduction in Costs;
  • Capability to upgrade the line to 1Gbps;
  • Identical upload and download speeds;
  • Managed Router;
  • Multiple Static IP addresses;
  • 24/7/365 support;
  • 6 Hours SLA Fix Time;
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