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Stockport : Manchester : Cheshire

Connectivity Upgrade & Cost Efficiency

The Company: Rotopumps
Location: Tameside

Current Situation

Rotopumps, had an FTTC (Fibre to the cabinet) copper internet line, which is almost end of life and was shared with neighbouring businesses, which meant speed could vary throughout the day. They had no SLA (Service Level Agreement) and were paying a considerable amount of money per quarter for the FTTC internet line and other associated lines.

The Solution

Since Comms-Byte are a connectivity provider, we proposed our high-speed business connectivity solution. We introduced them to Faster Britain and installed a FibreBright Leased Line.

They now have a 500Mbps uncontended internet line with the capability of being upgraded to 1Gbps. This means they have 500Mbps Download and 500Mbps Upload speeds at all times and they have a 6 Hour SLA with 24 Hour support.


  • Significant Reduction in Costs;
  • Capability to upgrade the line to 1Gbps;
  • Identical upload and download speeds;
  • Managed Router;
  • Multiple Static IP addresses;
  • 24/7/365 support;
  • 6 Hours SLA Fix Time;
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