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IT for Construction Company - Switching to Dual Monitors

The Company: Quadriga Contracts Ltd
Location: Northwich


IT Requirements

The business, Quadriga Contracts Ltd, currently have single monitors but require dual monitors as they feel that this will help them to work more efficiently. Although they want dual monitors they feel that they do not have enough desk space for this to happen.


Comms-Byte Solutions

Comms-Byte sourced the monitors, cables and pole mounts and then arranged the installation date and time.

We visited site on the agreed date and time and mounted and installed the monitors.



  • Due to the monitors being mounted on poles, staff now have more space to utilize as there is not any equipment physically sat on the desk.
  • Having dual monitors allows staff to work on more than one task at any one time.
  • An added benefit of the pole mounts is that they are completely adjustable, which will help compensate staff with posture problems.
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