The Benefits of Disaster Recovery as a Service

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is an option which is extremely critical for all businesses.

It allows a business to bounce back from a disaster within a short-time frame to ensure that it suffers the lowest lack of productivity and cost possible during a disaster. It works by replicating the critical data of a company to a hosted environment in the case of a natural or man-made catastrophe.

During the catastrophic event, a business can recover and continue operating without dire consequences due to the failover to a hosted environment.

What’s the benefit of DRaaS?

DRaaS is a costly service so you may be wondering why you would need to spend so much money on this service. Comms-Byte have compiled a few of the benefits involved in making the decision to purchase DRaaS.

Quick and easy recovery

When a natural or man-made disaster occurs, you do not want to be spending hours trying to recover your business, data and operations. This not only leads to a lack of productivity but every minute, that your server is down or power is out, will be costly to your organisation. With DRaaS in place within your business, you will not have to worry about your business suffering from extreme amounts of downtime. DRaaS works to get your business and operations up and running within minutes.

Security is reliable

When choosing a provider for DRaaS, you will need to think about various areas of security. The provider will need to ensure that their service and resources are compliant with all necessary regulations. They would also need to make sure that their data centre has robust physical security so that you have peace of mind that your business’s valuable data cannot be stolen or compromised. Another area of security that needs attention is whether data is securely encrypted when it is being transferred from one location to another. Security is important when it comes to choosing a provider for DRaaS so make sure you have the right information.

Flexibility options

DRaaS is a much more flexible option compared to traditional methods of backup. DRaaS offers much more flexibility in being able to choose from a variety of different recovery options which all depends on the type of disaster that your business is more likely to be affected by. You can choose whether you want to recover and restore one virtual machine or every bit of your data.

Before a disaster occurs, you might want to think about placing a Disaster Recovery plan and service into place. Prevention is always better than cure.

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