Website Hosting, Design, Development and SEO

Website Design & Development

Get a bespoke designed, lead generating tool for your business.

As well as providing excellent outsourced IT solutions, we also offer a website hosting, design and development service along with lead generation via SEO.

All of the sites we produce are bespoke-designed to your specific graphical requirements. Even before producing the site, we agree on a 'static' design, make sure it is exactly what you are looking for, and then create it in website software.

All our sites are created in software that is both open-source and updatable by you and they are designed to work across devices. Open Source Software gives you complete control over the content and ownership of the software used to produce the site. Once the initial work is completed, we ensure that they re-size and display properly for Desktop, tablets and mobile phones and they are also tested on the main web browsers such as Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari.

In our website builds we also focus on how well the website engages with clients, and our aim is to convert visitors into solid enquiries.

SEO and Lead Generation

All of our websites are produced with Google ‘friendliness’ in mind, and the on-page part of Google's Algorithm is used as a construction essential. This will give the site the best possible chance of being found on Google for any key phrases it targets. Indeed, as an option, we can also offer search engine optimisation where we turn the website into a lead generating tool for you.

Needless to say, as with all services from Comms-byte, the customer care will be second to none, and we will ensure that your completed website not only looks great, but has the potential of generating business too!